Jack A5 Single Needle lockstitch Machine (Complete Set)

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Industrial sewing machine Jack A5 is a computerized, full automatic, lockstitch sewing machine with semi-dry lubrication system. The needle bar on Jack A5 is made of carbonado (the hardest known material). No need to cut remaining thread – No bird nest when you start sewing and the thread is short within 3mm when you end…

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  • Needle: DBx1 11-18#
  • Thread number: 2
  • Stitch Length: 5 mm
  • Height of Presser Foot: 5-13 mm
  • Sewing speed: 5000 sti/min
  • Automatic Presser Lifting: Standard
  • Electronic Tension Post: Standard
  • Dimensions: 645 x 248 x 550 mm
  • Weight: 40/46 kg


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