Juki LBH-781U Single Needle Lockstitch Buttonhole Machine

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Juki LBH-781U Single Needle Buttonhole Machine. LBH 781U is known for its efficiency to finish seams of consistent quality with different kinds of materials and seam specifications.The Buttonholing position can beĀ  The machine is capable of sewing heavy weight materials such as bulky knits with maximum lift of work clamp upto 12mm to make high…

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Model LBH 781U
Application Men’s’ Shirt, Blouses, Working wear, ladies wear
Sewing Speed 3600rpm
Needle Bar Stroke 34.6mm
Max lift of the work clamp 12mm
Max Thickness of material 4mm
Number of Stitches 54~345
Button holing Size(mm) Max 22
Hook DP type, automatic lubricating full rotary hook
Lubrication Automatic
Weight of machine head 40 kg


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