Juki LK-1900S-Computer-Controlled, High-speed, Bartacking Machine

11,010.00 د.إ

JUKI Simple Series sewing machine LK-1900S has been designed to have simplified and narrowed down capabilities that are essentially required to produce JUKI’s established seam quality. In addition, it supports the operator with the voice guidance system to improve work efficiency.

SKU: RAS-12000469


Model name       LK-1900S-SS LK-1900S-HS
Application       Standard                    Heavy-weight
Max. sewing speed       3,200sti/min (at the time of delivery 2,700sti/min)
Sewing area       30mm (L)×40mm (W)
Stitch length       0.1~10mm (0.1mm step)
Lift of the work clamp     Standard 13mm (17mm when the reverse-rotation needle up function)
Hook      Standard shuttle hook
Number of stitches
that can be stored in memory
     Max. 20,000 stitches
Number of
standard patterns
     51 patterns
Number of data
that can be input
     200 patterns
Needle      DP×5 (#14)                    DP×17 (#21)


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