Treasure ES-1114-100 Chainstitch Embroidery Machine

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This machine is different from the lengthwise/crosswise sewing feed in conventional machines,as it is provide with a universal feed mechanism for all directions which can be simply operated by manual control, freely embroidering any desired pattern or design. Suitable for: Linens, Towels, Bedspreads, Shirts, Shop coats, Curtains, Athletic uniforms, Banners, Emblems, Blankets, Dresses, Millinery and…

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Model: ES-1114-100

Brief Description: Handle Operated Universal Lockstitch Zigzag Embroidery Machine.



1. Stitch spec. one or two needles・locktitch・zig-zag stitch

2. Speed: Max. 600 s.p.m.

3. Feed: Universal feed movement

4. Stitch length: Max. 4 mm

5. Width of zig-zag stitch: Max. 6 mm

6. Distance between two needles: 3.5mm(Standard)

7. Needle bar stroke:28mm

8. Shuttle :Horizontal shuttle

9. Needle :DBX1 (DVX1 for sequins)


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